TELÉFONO PERMANENTE offers to customers a service which is essential for management of new sales and distribution channels through the Internet, as their use is becoming very common among consumers in general.

On-line shopping has become most attractive to consumers, who can buy and choose from an enormous assortment of products available at only a click and 24 hours a day.

And buyers are each time better informed and they are demanding. If you want a user to be satisfied and turn into a loyal customer, it is necessary to ensure that he will find all facilities, not only when buying but also after the purchase to clarify doubts, follow the shipment, get additional information etc.

At TELÉFONO PERMANENTE we offer you valuable support for management of your on-line shop by assuming key tasks such as

  • Help to buyer upon making the purchase
  • Validation of purchase or payment
  • Order modifications
  • Delivery incidents solution
  • Complaints, product returns
  • After-sales service in general
  • Reception and handling of e-mails (mail center)

Following a script and interaction protocol specifically worked out and agreed with the customer.

Based on our experience in this kind of service, we would like to underline the convenience of combining e-mail or Web service management with telephone attention. It is very important to coordinate both areas if you want to optimize efficiency and excellence in benefit of yourselves and your customers.


At TELÉFONO PERMANENTE we are prepared to offer service in Spanish, Catalan, English and French, including written translation of documents.

Service in languages other than the above may be attended by dedicated personnel.

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