Customer want to speak to a real person – not to a machine

You come across an advertisement you’re interested in. It says that you can call any time to ask for information, even on holidays. You dial the number and… you find a voice mailbox. “If you are a customer please dial 1” etc. etc.  “If you want information, please dial 3 and leave your name and phone number”. No, that’s not what you expected, you won’t leave any personal data to a machine. You want to speak to a person. And you think, well I’ll call them back when there is somebody supposed to be on the line. Just in case I remember…

This happens every day. People don’t want to leave their personal data to a voice mailbox. However, the flash of interest, the call of attention of the advertisement, most probably has past. Maybe next day the person doesn’t even remember and never calls back.

In most diverse business sectors it can be seen that a voice mailbox makes a potential customer give up. Therefore many companies decide to offer personal telephone answering service to their customers, even on holidays. This is the case of METRO-3, a leading estate agency. When they realized that many people did call but nobody would leave a message, they recently hired the call center service of Teléfono Permanente on weekend and holidays.

Teléfono Permanente works for you as your Virtual Secretary. We answer the phone in your name, we provide information, we take data following your requirements etc. In this way you won’t lose a single contact and you will be able to improve your customer attention and enhance your company image.

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