Virtual Secretary – The Best Solution for Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Maybe you decided to go into business for yourself, to be a freelance professional or to turn a good idea into money. In any of these cases you will have to face important challenges. It’s not enough to have motivation and a good idea although these are basic requirements. You will have to plan and organise every step, seek financing, calculate risks of the investment and the probabilities of being successful, complete lots of official papers. At this stage it usually becomes necessary to have a least support infrastructure, as the start-up entrepreneur is involved in a large number of activities and needs a permanent point of contact. On the other hand in most cases it is not advisable to employ others at very early stages of the business.

Teléfono Permanente offers an essential and very useful service for the start-up of your business. Being your Virtual Secretary, we answer your calls, we respond in your name, we take messages for you, we inform you and locate you and we can even provide a temporary mail address. We offer you all-round service tailored to your needs and we are ready to swiftly adapt to any new circumstance of your enterprise.

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