The purpose of market research is to obtain and analyze essential information to interpret the market. . Differentiate yourself from your competitors is possible with market research, which we carry out at Teléfono Permanente through interviews, surveys and polls.


Telemarketing, as well as surveys, is one of the sources of valuable information in the concept of business marketing. With this information you will be able to define the business strategy to follow, and differentiate yourself from your competitors. They also make it easier for you to identify potential problems to help you make business decisions.


Differentiate yourself from your competition is possible with market research, which we carry out from Teléfono Permanente, through interviews, surveysand polls. We create exclusive Telemarketingcampaigns for each company, We always make all quotations based on the real needs of our clients.


With this service, you can conduct internal surveysof your company's personnel. The results make it easier for you to identify potential internal conflict problems and help you in your business decision making.


To obtain this information, questionnaires are prepared in advance based on the objectives of each company. Surveys allow us to detect daily habits, changes in customer behavior, current needs, future needs or, also, their preferences as a consumer.


Knowing the new market trends, in a guaranteed and efficient way, will help you identify new business opportunities that will allow you to achieve the keys to business success. Teléfono Permanente's market research is reliable, efficient, fast and cost-effective.


We researched your customers to discover, among others:

  • Who is your buyer persona
  • What products really interest the public
  • Find out the real feedback about products or services
  • Know the reputation of your competitors' products/services.
  • Discover the real buying decision of the consumer
  • Identify where people shop, how much they spend, how frequently they shop, etc.


Knowing the gaps among your target audience and how you can fill them, through market research, you will be able to identify market segments to target your business. This method is one of the services of Teléfono Permanente that will allow you to gather very important information, research and analyze your competition. You will obtain results that will help you to develop your company and decide the way to act as a result of the market study carried out by our 24h Contact Center.

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