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Retirement is a stage that symbolizes the end of working life…. and start other!

Marie Therese just retired with the same positive attitude that has exemplified, for more than 25 years working in our Contact Center, a large number of people who have had the pleasure of working with her.

In the 17 post he wrote in 2011 he explained, among other news, what does a contact center with a coffee machine ?, although she preferred tea.

In 2012 (22 post), we wrote about e-commerce, or the importance of talking with people and not machines, hinting at answers automating customer services, as opposed to the policy of good practice held in some contact center like ours.

In the following years, until August 2015, he wrote 21 post explaining success stories of contracting service companies Call & Contact Center and loyalty, trends, fairs and industry events.

His restlessness made him the “Community Manager” of the company, apart from performing translations, sending and receiving calls in different languages, to address administrative tasks, etc. Just four years before his retirement he began his foray into WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin… Luckily he did because, I can now communicate with it via WhatsApp!</p

For his talent, its cultural richness, its exquisite quality education for all… thanks for sharing so much Teresa;)

How to join Virtual Assistant and Business Intelligence

Technical smiling analysing data in front of a monitor


If the volume of calls that they receive your workers in your company is becoming increasingly higher and more difficult to manage the time has come to recruit Teléfono Permanente, external service of Call Center & Contact Center with tools integration of Business Intelligence BI

Thanks to our experience, your company can enhance the performance of your employees and expand the supply of services without the need to hire more staff, delegates now in Teléfono Permanente your administrative tasks in a manner guaranteed; we will do the role of centralized office in secretariat and management for your company, we offer at your disposal a whole department of 24/7 virtual assistance for freelance and SMES. The services and next-generation technology are always aimed at improving the communication and performance of the companies; we offer communication solutions, from the outbound and inbound calls to the support of your virtual shop on line, management of your CRM, registration, control, monitoring and statistics, optimization of other channels of communication, media in advertising campaigns and a long etc. of proposals we have adapted to the needs of your business project.

Contact us at

Cooperation Teléfono Permanente – Federatur

E-ShowMagazine gives account of the cooperation between Teléfono Permanente and Federatur.


An increasing number of members of Apartur, AT Costa Daurada and ATA Costa-Brava-Pirineu Girona are hiring 24 h call answering service offered by Teléfono Permanente.

We are proud to do our bit offering indispensable telephone service and therefore enabling tourist apartment agencies to easily comply with administration requirements and also to improve their service range.

By M.Therese Heck

Teléfono Permanente – The Best Solution for Start-Ups

 You just became autonomous and now you are a start-up entrepreneur? Ready to turn your good ideas into money? Congratulations, you’ve done a good job!

Now you have to face important challenges, such as organising and planning, sorting financial issues with your bank and never ending formalities to be complied with. You would need the day to have more hours to get through all those activities.

Teléfono Permanente helps you about something really important, offering great advantages: attention to customers and suppliers.

We offer you our 24h phone solutions, e-mailing, setting and organising your appointments. We are your Virtual Secretary. And how? Very easy! At your convenience you forward your telephone line to us and we answer in your name, we take the message or provide the information to the caller as it was previously agreed. We offer this service tailored to your needs and to the requirements of your new business. All our action will base on guidelines and instructions given by you. Just as if we were your personal secretary. There is however one big difference: there is no salary to be paid. You can benefit from our 24h – 365 days service for only a small monthly charge.

That sounds as a good idea to you, doesn’t it? ;)

 Please ask for further information: or give us a call at +34 934053535 or download our information folder. You can as well send us an e-mail to

Teléfono Permanente Answers Your Phone When You Are on Holiday

Completely disconnect when you are on vacation!

Holidays, this means unplugging, not worrying about calls, switching off your mobile phone and turning it on only when you want to. But we don’t say that you should neglect your business, just the contrary. Taking advantage of 24 x 7 phone answering solutions you can be relaxed and give notice “Closed for Holidays”. You can be sure – you won’t miss a single call. Maybe you thought about connecting your voice mail. Forget it!

Teléfono Permanente offers something much better. We answer your calls personally 24 hours a day. Callers who want to speak to you will be attended by a professional, polite and well trained phone agent. We answer your calls following the directions you gave us before you left for your days off. If you receive calls from outside Spain we can reply in English. You just tell us what service you want and we do it.

You are on time if you want to hire our service for this summer season.

To know more about 24h call answering service, please download our Information Folder.

By M.Therese Heck

Call Center – Contact Center – And Much More

What kind of service is a Contact Center able to offer to you?

First of all the typical service range will come to your mind:

–  Call answering and call handling

–  Coordination of technical services and schedule making

–  24 h emergency call management

–  Appointment setting for sales teams

–  etc.

Teléfono Permanente not only can respond to the growing demand of such very common outsourcing services, but also  can get in charge of specialised tasks on customer request.

For instance: a well known company having its activitiy in the leisure and culture related business sector which runs over 100 public establishments all over Spain has entrusted Teléfono Permanente the administrative handling of claims. The complaints filed by users on officials claim sheets, through consumer organisations like OCU or Internet, are being channelled to Teléfono Permanente. Following the instructions given by our customer we respond to each complaint individually and process the claim as required. This means the user will receive official response in due time by registered mail or by e-mail if he made his complaint by Internet.

Business PartnersThe job delivered by Teléfono Permanente means considerable saving of cost, time and personnel to the customer that hires our service: they only have to give their o.k. to the content of the response and we get in charge of everything else: we write the letter out and print it, send it by registered mail, follow up eventual returns etc.

A Contact Center is much more than call handling. The above described case  is an example ot fully customised service which is performed in accordance to the particular needs of a single enterprise. We always seek the best solution to any other specific task that our customers may require at any moment. Teléfono Permanente has got adequate means both as for human and technical resources, but above all our working organisation is flexible.

If you want to know more about us, please download here our information folder. Should you not find the right answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Sure we can help you

Teléfono Permanente – Developing Own Software Applications

Having our own in-house IT department guarantees quick and flexible startup of any new service.

When a company decides to outsource tasks by hiring Contact Center service, the first question to be dealt with is how to make compatible both working systems. The actual purpose of such collaboration is always that the Contact Center is supposed to be the extension of the proper company, in a way that the caller should not notice that he is being attended by a third party.

After accumulating over 40 years of experience in this business sector  Teléfono Permanente is prepared to deliver standard services almost immediately. But we manage very complex projects, too, for which specifically designed applications are required. In some cases it is convenient to adapt our system to the one of our customer, so that the customer may at any moment have access to information and data that are being produced during the service performance (such as agenda entries, appointments, orders).

Among new software applications recently developed by Teléfono Permanente we find management of ticket sale and suscriptions for Liceu de Barcelona, coordination of technical service for Schneider Electric, guidance and follow-up of clients entrusted to us by Infoelder.

The IT department of Teléfono Permanente will analyse in depth each case and propose the solution that fits best to customers’ requirements. Once the service has been implemented it will be submitted to strict follow-up by the IT department, and eventual modifications or improvements shall be introduced if they prove to be of use.

For further details please download here our information folder.

Care Your Customer Attention – It’s Good Business

Seeing it from different angles – customer attention is always a trending issue.

As we can read in ‘CallCenterNoticias’, most companies (84%) believe that good customer service directly affects their financial performance, according to the findings of the study “2020: Return on Service”, written by BDO and The Economist Intelligence Unit. The report also highlights that two thirds of the companies say that failing customer service has led to a fall in revenue.

ExcellenceThe study was carried out by a committee of independent customer attention experts.   The survey was conducted among 832 companies from miscellaneous business sectors in Europe, Asia and North America. For the first time the report revealed that customer service directly impacts on the financial performance of a company anywhere in the world. (Read full article)

Teléfono Permanente makes an essential contribution to the effort of companies and professionals that seek excellence in customer service. Our Contact Center  experience over many years and available equipment and means (human resources and technology) are the best possible guarantee – and our clients the best reference.

Teléfono Permanente – Surveys – Customer Loyalty

Teléfono Permanente has been entrusted with nationwide telephone surveys by two laboratories.

We have to address professionals of the health care sector (in this case dentists and pharmacists) and find out their opinion about certain products and provide them specific product-related information.

Based on the data compiled in thousands of phone calls we provide daily or weekly statistics to our customers.

For over 40 years Teléfono Permanente has been delivering diverse call center services to health sector (doctors’ online appointment scheduling, emergencies, locating services). That’s why we count on our highly qualified and specialised staff to perform high standard professional surveys in the field of health care. Latest call center technology enables us to deliver a quick and accurate job to our clients.

A good survey is a key factor to any manufacturer. It provides reliable information about the acceptance of a product, whether meeting market expectations etc. To summarize, a survey allows choosing the right sales channel and definitely achieving success.

If you want further information, please call us on phone no. +34934053535.

You may as well download our Information Folder here.

Teléfono Permanente – Support to Ecommerce

 “Europe’s Economic Recovery – supported by Ecommerce”.

Atención telefónicaWe are happy to spread this news. Spain has a good position in the ranking list and a considerable growth potential.

Please read full article under callcenternoticias.

Teléfono Permanente offers essential support to your Internet business. We can take care of your customer service area, a key aspect which requires most careful attention in order to ensure buyers loyalty and gaining new customers.

Don’t worry about your incoming calls – they will be answered 24 hours a day/365 days a year. At the same time we take care of your Web services.

Teléfono Permanente offers fully personalized service in accordance with your specific company requirements and conditions. If you want to dedicate your time and effort to your core business, don’t hesitate and entrust a big deal of your routine tasks to Teléfono Permanente. We do it at very low cost.

  • Help to buyer upon making the purchase
  • Validation of purchase or payment
  • Order modifications
  • Delivery incidents solution
  • Complaints, product returns
  • After-sales service in general
  • Reception and handling of e-mails (mail center)

Cost-efficiency is guaranteed.  There are numerous and evident advantages.

Download here our Information Folder.