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Social Center of Customer Service in Social Media

Today, from the Social Center, we help SMEsand local companies to catch up with big companies and multinationals. We manage incidences to your customers through some of the most used social media channels.

The evolution of marketingto digital marketing has democratized access to advertising for all companies, regardless of size, with budgets available to all.

E-mail marketing campaigns, among many other actions, helps to grow your business effectively and boost customer engagement.

conectamos su empresa con clientes de todo el mundo

Teléfono Permanente promotes the management and resolution of incidents on social media of companies, via Social CenterService.

servicios call center telefono permanente contact center barcelona

Thanks to the proximity to receive fast answers in a dynamic and personalized way, via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., we bring big companies and multinationals closer to the people who already trust in their products and, obviously, to reach newsand potential customers.

This is alsothe casewith Teléfono Permanente’scall services.

The extinction of the call center traditional is now a reality, with the irruption of the Social Media. We advance in the telemarketing sector telemarketing with the implementation of these news channels, in the actions that we carry out on behalf of the companies that have already contracted our services. Social Center.

So, if you want your company to reach the potential customers and impact that big organizations get on social media, or you want to get closer to consumers by offering personalized customer services, contact us now.

Flexible Schedule

We adapt the Customer Service in Social Media to the needs of your audience.

Answer Script

We answer on behalf to your e-commerce business with scripts previously created according to your customers' needs.

Fast Answers

We provide fast and accurate answers to your customers.

Teléfono Permanente has offices in Berlín 72, entr. 08029 Barcelona

For more information on rates or additional services, please send us a message via e-mail to

Call us now at the information phonenumber +34 93 405 35 35

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