The Telephone is the First Communication Channel for Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises

In spite of Internet and Google – customers prefer the telephone when they contact for the first time a service or product provider. Hence the importance for any business to assure prompt answering of all phone calls.

It’s a proven fact. A large study performed in Germany by Winlocal among small and mid sized enterprises, different professionals and consumers (“Service Sector Advertising Report 2012”) finds that a vast majority of new customers, i.e. two thirds of them, prefer making a phone call to contact for the first time, get information, ask for an appointment and so on. For instance e-mails are only the second way customers would choose.

If you want to catch new customers, it is essential that any incoming call will be answered efficiently. However, as the above study says, most of the enquired small businesses do not offer appropriate telephone service, basically for reasons of working hours or staff shortage among others. Small companies usually have a voice mailbox available although they admit that many potential customers are lost because they don’t receive prompt and personalised response to their call. Source: winlocal GmbH

Companies that hire the Call Center service of Teléfono Permanente have advantage: we offer Inbound Call Answering 24 hours a day – 365 days a year. There is no need to increase your payroll. Paying only a very small rate our customers can expand their offer with no limit of service hours. They won’t lose a single contact any more.

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