Teléfono Permanente: Answering Lift Emergency Calls

Anybody who went through this will tell you the same: getting trapped in the lift is rather an unpleasant experience. The only thing you want is to get out of the cabin at once.

To guarantee safety and prompt action in such cases the Departments of Industry of the Autonomous Communities have established procedures and standards to be followed. For new buildings nowadays it is obligatory to have an alarm button in the lift which is linked to a telephone system. This means there has to be a phone line open day and night to receive the emergency call.

Teléfono Permanente has been entrusted by several lift manufacturers (such as Ersce,  Soler, Soren, Ayssa etc.) with the emergency call service. When an emergency call is received from a person trapped in the lift, the details of the place of incident and lift maintenance company automatically are displayed on the screen, and the phone agent will immediately contact the lift engineer on duty. This CTI application has been designed by the New Technologies Department of Teléfono Permanente and enables us to offer fully guaranteed telephone service to an unrestricted number of lift manufacturers, as automatic data capture excludes errors.

On the other hand, answering emergency calls always requires special attention as for human aspects, because a person trapped in the lift will easily get nervous or angry. Our agents, having many years of professional experience, are qualified to offer adequate and prompt telephone service in each case.

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