Teléfono Permanente – Take all the Advantage of our Service

Your business will only benefit from hiring the service of Teléfono Permanente.

Do you want to extend your business service range, offer unlimited hours of customer service, or be sure that you won’t lose a single contact during your absence, but increase of staff is not in your plans? … Yes, all this is possible!

For a small price we carry out the routine tasks while you can dedicate your time to your core business.

We guarantee cost-efficiency of the service seeking always the best price/service relationship. We offer different alternatives to our customers depending on the volume of calls, work hours, kind of service etc. For instance

  • Minute tariff, or
  • Price per call, or
  • Fixed monthly rate, or
  • A combination of the above

We provide detailed and clear information on the hired service according to customer’s requirements.

At Teléfono Permanente we answer for you. We are your Virtual Secretary, but we are not in your payroll!

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