Contact Point for Online Shopping

Teléfono Permanente has been entrusted by  dieteticagirasol.com, a leading online store for health food and herbs, with the sales support of its online business. We are the 24 hours contact point for taking orders or answering customers’ enquiries by phone.

Orders are passed on to the store by Teléfono Permanente by accessing their Website. We can also provide information to the buyer regarding order shipping status or incidents. Product related enquiries are transmitted to the store’s specialized staff, since questions concerning health or suitability of products always require the answer of a health professional.

Inbound Call Service is considered to be an important factor of online store management. When buyers do their online shopping, at some stage many of them prefer to talk to somebody on the phone just because they have any question or want to confirm the online shopping procedure is ok.

Teléfono Permanente has got available all necessary means to offer full support to online stores, as we are prepared to handle and combine both Inbound Call Answering and Web Service by integrating customers’ software applications to our computer system.

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