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About Telefono Permanente

TELÉFONO PERMANENTE is looking back on 40 years of presence and extensive experience in the fieldof telephone services as Call Center, nowadays called Contact Center because business activities extended to various Internet and web services.

During our professional career we have been able at any time to adapt to an environment in continuous development and where the need of well channelled communication entails new challenge and possibilities every day.

We incorporated new generation technology enabling us to cope with highly demanding customers’ requests and to give advice on different ways how to manage specific business issues such as continuous telephone attention, schedule of appointments, communication routines with customers or users, web portal maintenance etc.



How can you benefit from hiring the service of TELÉFONO PERMANENTE?

Thanks to our experience and knowledge your company will be able to enhance business performance and increase the service range offered to your customers or sales agents without need to hire more staff. If you delegate some of your tasks to us we shall provide as your Virtual Secretary

  • 24h service all 365 days a year
  • Efficient and prompt attention in campaigns that bring about massive inbound calls in certain moments (advertising in radio, TV etc.)
  • Optimization of your communication channels (telephone, e-mail, social networks etc.)



Our service is based on these principles:

  • Own fixed staff with many years of experience and low rotation
  • Our agents get updating of knowledge and continuous training on general issues and service specific subjects
  • Coordination at all levels between TELÉFONO PERMANENTE and our clients (platform, supervision, data processing)
  • Flexibility and quick response to customers needs or changes
  • We can offer you our service “in situ”, i.e. our agents can do their job for you at your facilities.
  • Coordinated planning and customized operation for each service
  • Cost-efficiency: we seek the solution that fits best to our customers’ requirements (various alternatives: minute tariff, price by attended calls, fixed monthly rate)
  • State-of-the-art technology infrastructure

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