Care Your Customer Attention – It’s Good Business

Seeing it from different angles – customer attention is always a trending issue.

As we can read in ‘CallCenterNoticias’, most companies (84%) believe that good customer service directly affects their financial performance, according to the findings of the study “2020: Return on Service”, written by BDO and The Economist Intelligence Unit. The report also highlights that two thirds of the companies say that failing customer service has led to a fall in revenue.

ExcellenceThe study was carried out by a committee of independent customer attention experts.   The survey was conducted among 832 companies from miscellaneous business sectors in Europe, Asia and North America. For the first time the report revealed that customer service directly impacts on the financial performance of a company anywhere in the world. (Read full article)

Teléfono Permanente makes an essential contribution to the effort of companies and professionals that seek excellence in customer service. Our Contact Center  experience over many years and available equipment and means (human resources and technology) are the best possible guarantee – and our clients the best reference.

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