Contact Center Solutions – Market Trends

TELECOM ALEMANIA recently performed a market study regarding Contact Center solutions. The surveyed companies, technology suppliers and Contact Center enterprises, evaluate specific business trends and overall trends:

  • A most important issue at present is investment in quality improvement which can be noticed in the investment plans of several in-house Contact Centers.
  • What seems to become more important is the transparency regarding all contacts with customers and media along the entire process as well as an effective knowledge-based support delivered by phone agents.
  • Social network platforms shall gain more relevance. Postings on relevant social networks are already being watched and answered if considered necessary. This kind of activity is believed to increase in the future, although the work pressure expected in this field seems to be manageable for the time being.
  • Increasing Home Work involvement, pushed by growing needs of flexibility, personnel shortage and demand for multilingual staff.

(Found at www.competence-site.de)

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