Customer Service – A Key Factor

Customer service is one of the key points that make us decide about choosing an online store or another.

This is confirmed by a survey conducted by Capgemini “Digital Shopper Relevancy”.  Customer service is one of the three key factors when a customer decides the store where to buy. And this is applicable to a physical store, where it is rather easy to ask the shop assistant for help, but not less to online stores where the potential buyer must easily find all the information needed. One has to consider that just at a click the buyer has got a multitude of choice options. If we want him to buy our product we should offer something more. This ‘something more’ could be the facility to get immediate telephone assistance without need to surf around the Website (for example highlight ‘call us right now if you want to know more’)

Read full article here. The emagazine.

Atencion al clienteTeléfono Permanente makes an essential contribution to ecommerce. From our perspective, which is our daily job in customer service, we can assert that a buyer’s satisfaction is very good if he was able to talk to a helpful person. Those potential buyers who have had the opportunity of getting help and resolve doubts and got professional and kind assistance will most probably finalise their purchase successfully.

There are various online stores among our customers. They rely on Teléfono Permanente  as strategic support for daily tasks, thus taking the advantage of having service guaranteed 24 hours a day – 365 days a year. We offer different kinds of service, such as

›  Information to buyers

›  Validation of purchase

›  Complaints, product returns

›  After sales service

›  Reception and handling of emails (mail center)

 By providing all kinds of facilities to your potential customers and offering personalised attention, you will add value to your products.

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