Gas and Electricity Companies Should Improve Quality of Information

Quite interesting is the result of a study published in the May edition of the monthly magazine Compra Maestra of OCU (Spanish Consumer Organisation) regarding quality of information offered by the main gas and electricity companies through their phone answering customer service. The main conclusion of the survey is at least surprising: they offer poor and bad information, the enquiry says.

What is the problem?

According to this survey, the automated phone answering system a customer encounters when he calls the supply company must be seen as the first problem. Such systems cause doubts and confusion to the user, who usually is not familiar with the terms and expressions used by company. This is why OCU suggests the user to ignore the automated menu and to request speaking with an operator (if available, of course!).

At Teléfono Permanente we keep insisting on efficient telephone service as basic principle for any business, being essential in order to project your company image and gain customers loyalty and confidence.

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