Inbound Call Service for Selling Products Advertised on TV

The shop ‘llevateloacasa.com’  has hired the phone service of  Teléfono Permanente to facilitate the sale of different best sold products advertised on local TV channels. Our job consists in attending inbound calls coming in after the advertising spot appears on TV: we take the orders and arrange payment, we answer claims and provide information.

Commercialization of products based on TV advertising requires exhaustive planning and a reliable telephone system:  It is quite usual that during the first 10 minutes after broadcasting of the spot a large amount of calls come in, easily 50 calls in about 2-3 minutes, diminishing frequency little by little. This means that for a very short span of time a certain number of inbound lines must be available and the agents in charge of the service must be ready and prepared with all the necessary information to bring forward the sale. It’s most important to make things easy to the customer because if a possible buyer finds that the telephone line is engaged once and again, he will give up and the sale is lost.

Teléfono Permanente has got all technical and human resources available that are necessary to provide full telephone service thus ensuring cost-effectiveness of the advertisement and successful business.

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