We can assign special 900, 901, 902, 806… (Intelligent Network) numbers as well as phone numbers with area codes of Spain and of any other country worldwide.

We provide you a dedicated telephone number only for your company thus to give personalized answer to all your calls, regardless the amount of calls or the time of the day they are received. You may also choose to put forward your calls to TELÉFONO PERMANENTE at your convenience, either because of temporary absence or you want to cover the gaps out of your usual business hours or vacations.

You won’t lose a single contact and TELÉFONO PERMANENTE shall provide personalized attention to each of your incoming calls, replacing any phone answering machine with evident advantage.

TELÉFONO PERMANENTE provides its service to various business sectors, following in each case the instructions and interaction protocols indicated by the customer.

Health Care Sector

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Technical Assistance Service, Outage Service

    • Elevators

    • We answer incoming calls in case of failure (person trapped in the lift) and immediately locate the technician on duty
    • Coordination of failure reports in complex installations (factories, data systems enterprises, control centers) that require access and control permission at different levels
    • Support to main supply companies (water, gas, electricity) in case of failure, giving information to consumers


After sales customer service

    • We answer customer complaints, notify technical service


Information to consumers – Customer attention

  • Customer hotline for complaints, suggestions, comments
  • Support in “crisis situations” to resolve exceptional cases in relation to health issues, environment, regulations etc., and speeding up implementation of security measures under circumstances likely to put population at risk.

Response to Advertisements in Radio, TV, Press

  • Order taking, information to consumers. At this point we would like to underline that it is of utmost importance to optimize and plan very well the response to such advertisements, because massive inbound calls can be expected in a short time.

TELÉFONO PERMANENTE has got many years of experience in this kind of work.

Ticket Sale for events and shows

  • Continuous ticket sale to places of interest for tourists, theatre, cinema
  • Ticket sale for special events with massive demand


At TELÉFONO PERMANENTE we are prepared to offer service in Spanish, Catalan, English and French, including written translation of documents.

Service in languages other than the above may be attended by dedicated personnel.

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