Outbound calls solutions

TELÉFONO PERMANENTE offers you different ways of cooperation, indispensable nowadays if you want to catch new customers by direct telephone approach, increase customer loyalty or perform opinion polls about any product or service.

Intelligent combination of strategies may be indicated to get best returns out of your phone marketing campaign.

We work in full coordination with your company, we study the contents of your marketing plan and work out a strategy that will fit best to your purpose of your campaign.

Appointment Setting

You can optimize the efficiency of your sales force preparing their appointments by previous phone contact. Your salesmen should not waste their precious time making phone calls.

It is well known that a salesperson usually gets one sale out of an average of five customer visits. Using the telephone we are able to select, classify and make the seller’s appointments in those sectors likely to yield profit, having at the same time the opportunity of showing our company’s best image.

Don’t waste your salesmen’s time in the office making calls. Use all their skills to visit customers. We take the best out of your appointments using one of our tools: a phone call.

Market Surveys

Using purpose specific questionnaires we can find out consumers habits, behaviours, needs or preferences.

Customer Loyalty

Through specific questionnaires we establish the customer satisfaction level with regard to your products or services and sound your chances of new business.

Follow-up of Mailings

You can increase the success of your mailings by means of subsequent phone calls. It is therefore recommendable to combine direct advertising campaigns with telephone marketing.

For instance, if you send out event invitations, planning and scheduling will be much easier if you know the number of people attending after you got their confirmation through a phone call.


Direct customer approach by phone aimed at selling a product or service.

This kind of job requires people with specific sales skills. We suggest to select personnel to this purpose coordinating the selection between TELÉFONO PERMANENTE and customer.


At TELÉFONO PERMANENTE we are prepared to offer service in Spanish, Catalan, English and French, including written translation of documents.

Service in languages other than the above may be attended by dedicated personnel.

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