Teléfono Permanente – Developing Own Software Applications

Having our own in-house IT department guarantees quick and flexible startup of any new service.

When a company decides to outsource tasks by hiring Contact Center service, the first question to be dealt with is how to make compatible both working systems. The actual purpose of such collaboration is always that the Contact Center is supposed to be the extension of the proper company, in a way that the caller should not notice that he is being attended by a third party.

After accumulating over 40 years of experience in this business sector  Teléfono Permanente is prepared to deliver standard services almost immediately. But we manage very complex projects, too, for which specifically designed applications are required. In some cases it is convenient to adapt our system to the one of our customer, so that the customer may at any moment have access to information and data that are being produced during the service performance (such as agenda entries, appointments, orders).

Among new software applications recently developed by Teléfono Permanente we find management of ticket sale and suscriptions for Liceu de Barcelona, coordination of technical service for Schneider Electric, guidance and follow-up of clients entrusted to us by Infoelder.

The IT department of Teléfono Permanente will analyse in depth each case and propose the solution that fits best to customers’ requirements. Once the service has been implemented it will be submitted to strict follow-up by the IT department, and eventual modifications or improvements shall be introduced if they prove to be of use.

For further details please download here our information folder.

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