Teléfono Permanente – Surveys – Customer Loyalty

Teléfono Permanente has been entrusted with nationwide telephone surveys by two laboratories.

We have to address professionals of the health care sector (in this case dentists and pharmacists) and find out their opinion about certain products and provide them specific product-related information.

Based on the data compiled in thousands of phone calls we provide daily or weekly statistics to our customers.

For over 40 years Teléfono Permanente has been delivering diverse call center services to health sector (doctors’ online appointment scheduling, emergencies, locating services). That’s why we count on our highly qualified and specialised staff to perform high standard professional surveys in the field of health care. Latest call center technology enables us to deliver a quick and accurate job to our clients.

A good survey is a key factor to any manufacturer. It provides reliable information about the acceptance of a product, whether meeting market expectations etc. To summarize, a survey allows choosing the right sales channel and definitely achieving success.

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