Growth of e-commerce on the Spanish Market

The business volume of e-commerce in Spain denotes a non-stop increase over the last years. At present everything points in the direction of growth and evidently the trend will go on in the future, i.e. considerable increase of e-business is to be expected over the coming years. Several studies carried out from different angles come to this conclusion: Web hosting providers, economists, technology consulting firms, all coincide pointing out that e-commerce is an excellent opportunity to increase business, especially for small and mid size firms which are the ones that have to face more difficulties at the present time.

Teléfono Permanente offers essential services for online shop management. To get buyers to be satisfied and turn into loyal clients it is very important to provide customized attention along the purchase procedure, facilities to follow up the order and last not least after sales service.

Among its customers Teléfono Permanente has got various shopping portals and online shops to which  the following service is provided:

  • Support to buyers during purchase process.
  • Validation of purchase or payment.
  • Resolving delivery related questions.
  • Return of products, complaints.
  • After sales service.
  • Reception and handling of emails (mail center).

Teléfono Permanente, offering professional 24 hour service, is the ideal partner for Internet Portals. Any business claiming to offer sales facilities at any time of the day will be distinguished and take an advantageous position if it can also provide personalized customer attention 24 hours a day.

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