Marketing In The Future Will Be Based On Confidence

The equation “more marketing equal more sales” will soon be obsolete. Marketing in the future must be more honest and human. This is the conclusion of the study Good Marketing published by Zukunftsinstitut GmbH (Germany).

Good MarketingCustomers of tomorrow will claim, and they already do so, more dialogue and participation, which means more power. Being open with customers is becoming indispensable, even if it implies backing down on control to some extent. Furthermore it means that enterprises have to focus on their customer relationship in a different way. The key idea of our economy in the coming years will be confidence. But confidence is something to be gained step by step, this applies to marketing as well as to other areas.

On the other hand confidence is not a process that could be implemented on the spot. Building relationship requires time. Enterprises will have to rethink and revise their organisation and procedures in order to build a solid base for mutual confidence, the study concludes. Different areas within a company such as marketing, communication, public relations have to enhance collaboration if they want to reach the new generation shaped by Web 2.0. Those customers who trust a brand or a company will be loyal customers. Therefore investing in confidence is becoming the most important task.

The above mentioned ‘Zukunftsinstitut’ remarks several crucial points a company should deal with on planning new marketing strategies, such as building confidence in authority, in transparency, in relation and interaction with the brand. Intelligent convergence of different ways of approach will make ‘Good Marketing’ possible, whereas dialogue, participation and transparency are the keys to customer loyalty in the future.

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