Teléfono Permanente Offers Multiple Solutions (I)

For over 40 years Teléfono Permanente has been offering call answering service to diverse kinds of enterprises. Our customers are satisfied because they take out profit from hiring our service and delegating specific tasks.

Siempre abiertoOur today’s post is about cooperation with companies or professionals that are obliged to have a 24 hours open line. In most of these cases it would be too expensive if they cover all the shifts of customer attention with own staff. Outsourcing of 24 h call answering service is here considered to be the best solution from the point of view of money saving as well as for efficiency reasons.

These are examples of technical emergency services attended by Teléfono Permanente:

  • Elevator service
  • Locksmith service
  • Electricians/plumbers
  • City lighting maintenance
  • Informatics equipment/software maintenance
  • Cleaning services…

When an emergency call is received (a person trapped in a lift or a door to be unlocked, for example) the call is given priority and the technician on duty is immediately notified.

Another kind of service we offer to main supply companies, for example water supply:

When a failure happens in water supply the customer attention line is put forward to Teléfono Permanente. We are ready to answer in very short time a large amount of incoming calls, which is quite usual in such a case.

In each case and for each of our customers, incoming calls are handled in accordance with a specific protocol, which has been peviously designed and agreed with the company that hired our service. The call center supervisors are constantly in contact with our customer. If we notice in the course of doing our job that aspects of the call answering procedure could be improved – this sometimes occurs –   then we are prepared to introduce changes very quickly.

It becomes clear that customers of Teléfono Permanente take out benefit of hiring 24 h call answering service, because at very low cost and without increasing own staff they have full guarantee that their customers get professional and personalised attention all the time they need.

Furthermore, Teléfono Permanente is business partner in different areas of industry and commerce, such as pharmaceutical companies, ticket sale, ecommerce in general (Web Services), health care sector etc.

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