Contact Center and Coffee Machines

What has a Contact Center to do with a Coffee Machine?

It’s quite clear, we’ve got a coffee machine in our office, the same as in most of workplaces, waiting rooms, bus or train stations…. there is a coffee machine nearly everywhere. Can you imagine a long working day without having a coffee now and then? The coffee machine must never fail, but if it does it should be repaired at once!

And this is the point Teléfono Permanente has much to do with: whatever time of the day, we are there to receive the calls giving notice about coffee machines that are out of order. Without losing time we locate the technician on duty right away. This phone service has been hired by Bodegas Lara, the company that is in charge of the technical service of Sara Lee coffee machines in three Spanish provinces, namely Almería, Granada and Málaga.

Our tiny contribution to make sure your coffee machine gets back to work at once.

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