Service Sector – Changes and Adaptation in the Future

In the past month of October, a study* has been presented regarding changes and trends in the service business, focused on the question how new technologies, social changes and sustainable life style and consumer behaviour will have an impact on services, and in which way will such changes affect customers’ requirements.

Conclusion of the study: Service in the future will be in line with the changes in consumer habits of customers. Service is expected to adapt in a dynamic and flexible manner to new requirements focusing on the customer as a person. Intelligent solutions, scalable on individual and customized demand, shall be the base to optimize the economy of time and results, thus contributing to enhance quality of life. The way of how the customer-service provider relation is shaped will be the key to monetary success.

Attention has to be paid to the fact that private and business customers shall be well-informed and are expected to be more demanding when requiring a service. The enquiry shows that dynamics of service markets will intensify, especially before the background of demographic development, individualized consumer habits, growing globalisation and the accelerated progress of technology. The study concludes that this is where new requirements and new supply and demand structures will be generated in the medium term.

*Study carried out by “X [iks] Institut für Kommunikation und ServiceDesign”,  Berlín

(Found at www.callcenterprofi.de)


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