eCommerce is more than a Website

In 2012, eCommerce in Spain recorded a turnover of around 15,000 million Euro, 18 % more than in the previous year. Forecast for 2016:  30,000 million Euro. This is the right moment to invest in eCommerce business.

An eCommerce business is more than a technology platform, eCommerce means to build up an enterprise which requires comprehensive business strategy and a team of experienced professionals.

These are key aspects if you want to be successful:

Development of a suitable online platform designed to achieve your business target

-Marketing: to maximise the amount of visitors to your Website and enhance your Website’s visibility in the Internet

Logistics: the cooperation with a logistics provider to guarantee excellent delivery service at reasonable cost

Customer Relation Management: the last chain link, but the most important one. Personalised and professional customer care is a key factor to customer loyaltyA happy customer will buy again.

Teléfono Permanente – essential support to your Internet business.

Folleto TPIf you leave your Customer Attention in our hands, then you can relax. We offer fully personalised service, we are flexible and adapt to any specific requirement of your business. You save money with us: We resolve many of your tasks at low cost and you don’t need to hire own staff.

With Teléfono Permanente you have the guarantee that your phone will be answered 24 hours – 365 days. At the same time we provide you Web services.

  • Help to buyer upon making the purchase
  • Validation of purchase or payment
  • Order modifications
  • Delivery incidents solution
  • Complaints, product returns
  • After-sales service in general
  • Reception and handling of e-mails (mail center)

Cost effectiveness of our service is guaranteed.

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