Teléfono Permanente Offers Multiple Solutions (II)

Today let’s speak about Virtual Secretary

What do I gain by hiring a Virtual Secretary

You’ll gain a lot, both for cost-effectiveness and company image. The most important point: You won’t lose any more incoming calls, at any time there will be somebody who answers your telephone.

CallCenterAgentHow does it work?

You choose the time frame you want to cover – we are available 24 hours/ 365 days. Just tell us how you want us to answer your calls, which kind of details should we take and how you would like to be notified (you can choose: if the call is urgent we call you at once; you give us a ring at an agreed time and we inform you; we can also send you an e-mail or SMS). For example, you are in a meeting and don’t want to be disturbed. In this case you put your phone line forward to us and we answer in your name. Our service is fully personalised and we adapt to customers’ requirements.

How much does it cost?

To have a Virtual Secretary is cost-effective indeed. We offer low-priced tariffs starting from 30 Euros. Depending on the number of calls you receive, we calculate the tariff which suits best your needs. We always seek cost-effectiveness for our customer.

Could you set my appointments with customers?

Yes of course. Appointment setting is a service many salesmen require. You will not waste your time any more doing so many phone calls. We prepare your appointments and you can make much better use of your time, because you can dedicate it to visit your customers.

Teléfono Permanente has been working for many years in the call center business. Our customers who hired ‘Virtual Secretary’ are satisfied because they take the advantage of economic benefit and have their phone lines attended for the time they require (up to 24 hours) without increasing own staff.

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