Teléfono Permanente – Partnership with FEDERATUR

Teléfono Permanente signed a cooperation agreement with FEDERATUR, the Catalan federation of tourist apartments that comprises the associations APARTUR (Barcelona), ATA (Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona) and AT (Costa Daurada).


24 x 7 Phone answering solutions are becoming more and more necessary.


Through cooperation with APARTUR as Participating Partner we are providing advantageous aspects to the tourist apartment rental sector. Several companies have already hired our Call Center because they have to cover a basic need, i.e. providing good service to customers and users. We are pleased to offer from now on 24 h call answering also to members of ATA Costa Brava-Pirineu de Girona and AT Costa Daurada. More than being just a matter of business competition, 24 h call answering service is a binding obligation requested by city councils. Tourist apartment agencies have a legal obligation to provide 24 h call answering service to their users.


logo federacion catalana apartamentos turisticos   logo asociación apartamentos turísticos Costa Brava Pirineu Girona


This request is reasonable and comprehensible. We imagine being a visitor in a foreign unkown place, having problems with the lodging or any related question. The tourist will probably find lots of information in social networks, but if he needs to quickly and efficiently resolve a specific matter, sure he will prefer to make a phone call.

Teléfono Permanente has many years of experience in Call Center business and therefore disposes of human and technical resources and knowledge that are required to successfully respond to new challenges and upcoming requirements in an ever-growing business environment as it is tourist apartment rental.

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By M.Therese Heck

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